A downloadable game for Windows

Made for LudumDare 37.

It is not the best dinner party when one of the part-takers end up dead. Four suspects and only you can find out who did it. Interogate, investigate do whatever it takes. Don't let the wicked ones escape the justice!

left/right arrows - choose action
spacebar - accept
1 - talk to suspect
2 - see crime scene report
3 - verdict! put the killer behind the bars
4 - colorblind mode
m - turn off/on music

In case of bugs let me know at twitter or NewGrounds


LD_build.rar 9 MB


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I like the 'Usual Suspects' vibe of the main screen, if there are any new mysteries, please let me know. I got my detective hat right... it's around here, I'll find it. :)